E-commerce FBA is recently a trendy and business mode in this defwnr. We help a lot of our customers from Manufactures to Fulfilment centre. Customs clearance, Tax settlement, labeling and warehouse entry are our daily works.

How we can help? Need Fulfilment service?

Shipping Battery and restricted cargoes with professional knowledges.

Helping you with MSDS, DGD, Safety certificate

Labeling, warehouse, repallet, packaging etc

Documentation of Battery and restricted cargo

Dealing with battery and restricted cargo can pose frustrations for exporters. Unexpected expenses and transportation challenges often lead to failures in marketing products. Such issues can disrupt your project and derail your business's initial plans.

We offer expertise in shipping battery and restricted cargo, providing assistance with MSDS, DGD, safety certificates, and complex labeling procedures.

Common restricted Battery (PI966 967); Liquid cargo; Machinery test; Odd size cargo.