Why needs it?

Customs brokerage serves as the essential paperwork equivalent to a passport and visa for your cargo. Every international shipment requires valid documentation for customs clearance, regardless of its size or destination. The rules vary among countries, highlighting the importance of relying on our brokers' expertise to handle all necessary procedures for you!

four green Passports
four green Passports


E-commerce cargo

The primary challenge for E-commerce importers often lies in customs-related issues. International shipping mandates valid identification or business registration. Dealing with E-commerce cargo can be intricate, particularly for new importers venturing into global trade. Lack of familiarity with customs regulations can lead to significant penalties and demurrage charges, posing a risk when navigating these processes.

How we help?

CITYCARGO possesses a robust network spanning across the EU, US, CA, and AU. With extensive experience aiding businesses, we offer comprehensive services. We can facilitate global business registration and assist with customs clearance. Additionally, we can connect you with an IOR (import of record) agent, alleviating your concerns. For the EU, this involves EORI/VAT, for the US it's IOR, for CA it's BN, and for AU it's ABN.



Export/ Import NIGHTMARE!!

Any delays result in additional expenses, often stemming from improper cargo declaration and delayed customs clearance. Failure to return the empty container within the agreed timeframe leads to the carrier imposing charges on the consignee after a specified number of days, known as detention charges or fees.

In the event of customs clearance failure, your cargo runs the risk of being seized or confiscated.


  • Well-versed in customs regulations with extensive experience.

  • Dependable teams ensuring seamless customs procedures, eliminating unexpected issues.

  • Professional guidance on cargo declaration and complete confirmation prior to shipping, guaranteeing accuracy.